Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 • • • • Overdose o Smooth ER...

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Chapter 2 Overdose o Smooth ER of liver produce denaturing enzymes to get ride of harmful molecules o Liver cells have enough ER to stay in chemical day-to-day balance o Stages of overdose Take dose of X drug- get effect b/c it reaches its target- liver cells can’t denature all of it in time Liver cells increase amount of smooth ER- effect goes away Reach the peak amount of which no more smooth ER can be produced. They need more room so they remove other organelles Another dose increase= overdose o Liver cells will doe whatever they can to protect you but there is a limit o The amount you can tolerate changes from day to day depending on your body’s energy directed to liver cells and then to enzymes o Stress- energy is given to immune system, energy given to liver changes. Cholesterol o Yellow structures in membrane o Builds up in membrane wall, not lumen o You MUST have cholesterol because it stabilizes the cell membrane o It is a precursor to the molecules the liver makes
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Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 • • • • Overdose o Smooth ER...

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