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1. (a) Explain what Global Ecological Deficit (or overshoot) is? Global Ecological Deficit occurs when the footprint of the population exceeds the biocapacity of the area available to that population. (b) What was the Global Ecological Deficit in 2003? 0.25 2. (a) What was the Earth’s approximate biocapacity in 1961 and 2003? 1961: .5 2003: 1.25 (b) What was the approximate average individual ecological footprint in 1961 and 2003? 1961: 3.5 2003: 1.75 3. Compare the relative contributions of the cropland footprint and carbon footprint to the global footprint from 1961 to 2003. 1961) Carbon: .2/1.7 Cropland: .9/1.7 2003) Carbon: 1/(2.2) Cropland: .5/2.2 4. (a) What is your parents total footprint? 29 (b) Which of the categories that comprise the total accounts for the greatest proportion of their footprint? Shelter and Goods/Services (c) Does this surprise you? Yes, because we live on a farm and most of our stuff is homemade . 5. Compare your family’s footprint to that of the US Average, also express this as a ratio
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