CMST 220-Test 3

CMST 220-Test 3 - CMST 220 EXAM 3 OH MW 1-2 Tues 1-3 Cal...

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Unformatted text preview: CMST 220- EXAM 3; OH MW 1-2; Tues 1-3, Cal 213, 615-322-2060 Garrison, Phillips o Religious language used, pattern of word whoice o Especially w/ anti slavery moemvent o Not religoiously indifferent people o Split in Methodist o Renter to Caesar, what is caesaras(religious reference to servitude o Garrison- o Not as educated as Phillips o Congress still has no control over states rights to slaver o 3/5 slavery o antislavery of south enacted stricter enforcemnt o by 1840, anti slavery packets circulating were illegal (as was advocating against slavery) patoral o how women should be treated and act.. o “invite your attentions influence of women stated in new testament..unobtrusive and private o power of women in in dependence” o women talking in public… o sarah remke responded… no chrisitan vlaudes o women an dman created same o Aristotle-women andchastity o Influence of women is to be modest o Quakers involved w most movemnts now celebrated; had traditions of equality o At churches, one not to speak till passion told you to…not traditional pastors o Senate of o Beg of US women’s movemnt o Abagail adams had long started w letters to husband john and quincy adams about urge for suffrage 1848 o Protest new NY las restricting women’s property rights (thought w/o property rignts there would be no civil rights o Pg 333…1832-oberland first college to admit women Wendell Phillips- o Was distressed by religion o Beecher’s influence (great revival) affected o G-d has not sent in to abolish slavery-but to do my duty March 21 Calhoun, Douglas Reid 338-43 Douiglas admired John Brown Slavery can only be shattered by bloodshed Kansas Nebraska Act- allowed states to choose o 1855-Pro slavery force (primarily missouri) invaded Kansas and made a hero in the north o garisson- g-d meant peace, no war, an dmorality o Brown- gd wanted sword to justice o Secret 6- helped to support jong brown (fincnaced, ratical abolition) o 161859 raid from o irs kill against salvery was a black man o brown’s members/coalition lost credatility o Harperts ferry- brown on death bed gives interviews- understood power of paper, reporters, media o 3 of 6 secret went into hiding/escaped after brown inspired militias group o viginai denied brown’s lawyers ‘mad’ plead ; found guilty o “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?” Frederick Douglass (1852) • Abolitionists tried to adhere to American revolution ideology o Analogized with Declaration of Independence o As well as Fourth of July • Douglas had a unique ethos: o Former slave who was now public figure Learned to read and write from The Columbian Orator Escaped in 1838, changed name from Bailey Worked as unskilled laborer till hired full time by Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society to go on speaking tours • Speaking abilities made some weary of slave claimes • Released Narrative of the Life of Ferderick Douglass in part to renounce these claims, also due to market potential of narratives (biblical narratives popular)...
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CMST 220-Test 3 - CMST 220 EXAM 3 OH MW 1-2 Tues 1-3 Cal...

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