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Unformatted text preview: , vg, and the given circuit parameters. Must show work for all problems, otherwise no partial credit. #3. This is Prob. 8.52, 5th Ed. Rather than the questions asked in the text, determine v0(t) as a function of vs(t) and the given circuit parameters. Don’t think about this application as a low‐ or high‐pass filter. C = 1 F, R = 10 k, RL = 1 k #4. This is related to Prob. 8.59, 5th Ed. R1 = R2 = 10 k, C1 = C2 = 0.1 F. Plot the ratio of V0(j)/Vi(j) vs . Use a log scale for such that the fact that this is a band‐pass filter is recognized. Use some graphing software to plot the requested graph....
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