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Absolute Age Age of the earth is 4.55 Billion Years (Claire Patterson), dated meteorites on a isochron scale along with marine sediment (Uniformitarianist) Clocks: Sediment accumulation, salt in oceans, cooling rate of earth Rate of decay is function of time As daughters grows, parents diminish P/D is a function of time All rocks cant be dated because they are always losing P and D, you need a lot of P and D Henri Bacquerel, M. Curie and Rutherford and Soddy Origin of Water Meteorites carried it Water came from Earths Interior and was released through seafloor spreading Goldie Locks effect Mars is too cold, Venus is too hot Hydrogen Positive, Oxygen Negative, Water is polar, not linear Water fluxes between reservoirs. Hydro-Tectonic Cycle (atm-litho-astheno) Powered by earths internal heat 1. Sediment burial 2. Release from Metamorphic Reactions. 3. Release from subducting slab into trench. 4. Release into mantle wedge (some out of the volcanic arc) 5. recycled to mantle from slab, released from mantle by seafloor spreading. Hydrologic Cycle
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