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Meat science handling distribution and marketing of

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Unformatted text preview: surroundings 1 1/5/2013 Disciplines Cont’d. • Meat Science Handling, distribution, and marketing of finished meat products of finished meat products • Dairy Product Science Collection, handling and marketing of milk •Pages 675 – 714 • Mastication – the process of chewing • Deglutition – The act of swallowing • Eructation – Belching. Removal of gas from the stomach via the esophagus • Gestation – the period when a female is pregnant • Parturition – the process of giving birth Adaptation • The sum of changes an animal makes in response to environmental stimuli • The sum of adjustments occurring in an organism that promotes its welfare and favors its survival in a specific environment Adaptation Adaptation • Species characteristics influence • Factors that determine where species will adaptation to geographic location and production system flourish: - Kind of feed that can be utilized of feed that can be utilized - Size in relation to product volume - Susceptibility to stresses 2 1/5/2013 • Stress is the non-specific responses of the non• body to any demand made upon it A stressor is the condition which result in eliciting a stress response li Examples: Temperature extremes Parasites Diseases • Poultry digestive system • Relatively simple • Different from pigs from pigs – No teeth – Gizzard – Common chamber for reproductive trac...
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