Introduction to Animal Science Notes

G grass hay grass hay rumen reticulum omasum abomasum

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Unformatted text preview: t discharges (cloaca) • Four-compartment stomach Four- designed to accommodate bulky feeds feeds e.g. grass, hay grass hay Rumen Reticulum Omasum Abomasum • Swine digestive systems – Similar to human – Relatively small Single compartment – Single compartment – Cannot handle large volumes of bulky forages Depend primarily on concentrated grains and similar feeds • Ruminants –Cattle –Sheep –Goats Designed for forage utilization • Horses Simple stomach stomach Not a ruminant but utilizes bulky feeds Have a well developed cecum 3 1/5/2013 • Animal products provide 17.1% of total calories in the world • Animal products provide 24 % of the total calories in the U.S.A. • Animal products provide 38.5 % of protein consumed in the world • Meat is an important food source because they are nutrient-dense (a measure of nutrientnutrients compared to calories) Many nutrients compared to calories • Readily available • Highly digestible • Work – – Draft animals used in many countries u...
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