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PHI205B Phil 205B Professor Cedrone 5-8-2007 Almighty or Deceiver People sometimes ask who is God, is God really all powerful, and did God create me. These are all questions I believe a person sometime or another asks themselves. For instance Descartes asks himself if God is really all powerful or just deceiving him. He through out the meditations is questioning if God is deceiving him, if God is all powerful, and how his senses can help him lead to his conclusion. He demolishes and rebuilds the foundation he believes of God to figure out if God is really what other says he is. Descartes method says that one you tear down, build a new foundation, two the senses are unreliable and three if most of the knowledge comes from the senses, and the senses are unreliable then new knowledge cannot come from our senses . This is his method in mediation one. He believes that God is good but also a deceiver. Descartes thinks that God deceives him about his existence and God being the most powerful being. If God isn’t the creator of our existence then who is, and who would be more powerful then God himself? He says that many people don’t see the lies. So if God is really deceiving us then why do so many people believe in him. Descartes premise in mediation one has its strengths but leaves many questions untouched. Why would God deceive us about our jobs, family? Also if he is not the most powerful thing then does that mean the spirit more powerful then him could also deceive us? By using his method of breaking 1
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Descarte -Final - PHI205B Phil 205B Professor Cedrone...

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