Fear the future of the Public education system 10-4-06

Fear the future of the Public education system 10-4-06 -...

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Is the public education system doing its job? A poll conducted by Time magazine recently found that “61% of Americans feel the public school system in the United States is in a ‘crisis.’” (Regan 1). The public education system is responsible for providing every enrolled student with a quality education that will prepare them for the “real world”. After students graduate from high school they are no longer required to go to school. They are obligated, as an adult, to make a decision of what they want to do with their life. Typically, after one graduates high school they have the choice of going to work for a living, joining a military service or further educating themselves through a college, university, or trade school. Unfortunately, many high school graduates entering a college or entry level job are found to lack many of the basic skills that should have been learned in high school such as reading, writing and arithmetic. For example, approximately 30% of college students are required to take remedial classes in math, reading, and/or writing (Colvin 1). Education is very important for everyone to have. A good, quality education can be the answer to many of the problems our society has today. Poorly educated people have very limited employment opportunities. The jobs that are offered to the poorly educated are low wage jobs that can and will continue to be replaced by technology and computers. Toll booth workers for example, will one day no longer exist because their job will be done electronically. Those who drop out, or do not complete high school are more likely to be involved in crime, violence, drug and alcohol abuse, early pregnancy, and even suicide. The lack of education denies many people of their personal freedoms such as choosing what they want to do with their life. It eliminates options. Limited education and makes having dreams seem impossible, which ultimately, lowers one’s self Delp 1
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confidence. Having a quality education raises self confidence, makes for better workers, and better parents. As Americans, we should be fearful for the future of the public education system.
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Fear the future of the Public education system 10-4-06 -...

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