Final Paper2 - Due to my lack of ability to be creative and...

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Due to my lack of ability to be creative and research an original topic, for this assignment I chose to follow a similar procedure as done in mini- paper two. I researched the mass media in two ways. First my looking at two magazines and counting the number of males and females of each race in the advertisements and recorded them into charts. I then calculated the totals and the percentages of each compared to the totals. The second part of my research was done by watching the commercials during two and a half hours of television and recording the product or service being advertised as well as the gender and race of the people in the advertisements. I selected various times to watch these commercials in attempt to find a correlation between the time and the target market in the commercials. I then calculated the totals and put them into a chart. My research is very similar to mini- paper two, but the research is more in depth and I hope it will give me more accurate results. Part I: Magazine Advertisements For this part of the assignment I chose to use the November issue of Maxim Magazine and the Dec/Jan issue of to do a quantitative analysis of the people featured in the advertisements. In my research, I found that both magazines appear to target males based on the genre of each magazine. In both of the magazines the majority of the people featured in the advertisements were white. However, African Americans were in many more ads in Rides than in Maxim . This makes me think that Rides targets a lot of white people and some black people, whereas Maxim seems to target mainly just white people based on the race of those featured in the advertisements. When I bought the issue of Rides Magazine I thought that there would be more African Americans than whites in the advertisements. I thought this mainly because of the cover featuring two vehicles with large rims with Nelly and Lil Boosie standing
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beside them who are both African American. Putting big rims, or wheels, on an automobile is very popular among African Americans so I hypothesized there to be more African Americans in the advertisements, but this was not the case. 61% of the people in the ads were male, 39% female. 54% were white, 24% African American, 13% Latino, the rest divided between Asians and those in the “other” category. I knew that
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Final Paper2 - Due to my lack of ability to be creative and...

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