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Running head: WEEK THREE WORKSHEET 1 Week Three Worksheet Keisha Franklin CJA/354 January 31, 2013 Donald Drewry
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WEEK THREE WORKSHEET 2 Week Three Worksheet University of Phoenix Material Week Three Worksheet Match the items in the Case Summary column to the Options in the right column by entering the correct corresponding alphabetical letter next to the numbers in the first column. Not all options will be used. Case Summary Options 1. C Shaun is driving home at night from work on a six-lane road, under the speed limit. There are no streetlights. A man is crossing the middle of the street, and Shaun does not see him. Shaun hits the man and kills him. A. Murder B. Voluntary manslaughter C. Involuntary manslaughter D. Justifiable homicide E. Excusable homicide F. Statutory rape G. Malice aforethought H. Necessity I. Felony murder J. Suicide
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WEEK THREE WORKSHEET 3 K. Second-degree murder L. Renunciation M. Corpus delicti 2. I Ruth’s friend Mary asks her to drive her to a convenience store and wait for her. While Ruth waits in the car, Mary shoots and kills the clerk, and robs the store.
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