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Shannon McHugh Professor Susan Beckwith English 303/ Essay #3 26 January 2011 A Microcosm of Human Rational in Times of Irrationality The painting of a story that Joseph Heller gives to the reader in his bookCatch-22is a complex multi web of themes lying over more themes. There are many possible themes to which I could focus on for the premise of this essay but the one theme that is seemingly linking all characters and themes together is the fundamentals of responsibility. As with any military organization the structuring of responsibility is crucial to the survival of that system. This truth is disturbingly seen throughoutCatch-22in the many flagrant details of the characters portrayed throughout the book. This structure of responsibility is detailed not only on the larger scale within the military but also on an individual’s personal level. It is this act of trying to synchronize responsibility on the personal level with the larger scheme that creates a disharmony
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