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Unformatted text preview: nse Segmentation – Response Variables (p. 248­254) Readiness stage – awareness, knowledge, interest, trial, adoption. Usage – non user, occasional user, light user, heavy user. Loyalty status – none, switching, absolute. Benefits sought. Product preferences. Segmentation – Response Segmentation – Response Variables (p. 248­254) Occasions for using product. Urgency of the product need. Method of using product. Openness to advertising message. Price sensitivity. Place of purchasing or consuming product. Effective Segmentation Effective Segmentation (p. 242­8, 256­9) Strategic Considerations Identification Response Strategic Variables Variables Ideas AGE READINESS STATE ? SIZE USAGE LEVEL ? Effective Segmentation Effective Segmentation Search for Distinct Groups Young Middle Aged Old Unaware Adopted Tried Tried Adopted Tried Interested Adopted Aware Aware Some Knowledge No Knowledge Unaware Unaware Little Knowledge Interested Unaware Tried Interested Unaware Aware Not Interested Aware Tried Medium Sized Firms Large Firms Small Firms Light Light Light Medium Medium Medium Light Heavy Heavy Heavy Medium Light Light Light Heavy Medium Medium Medium Heavy Heavy Light Heavy Light Light Light Light Medium Heavy Medium Light Light Heavy...
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