Mind represents a point of represents differentiation

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Unformatted text preview: rame of reference for Providing the product in the customer’s the ’s mind. mind. Represents a point of Represents differentiation. Represents an area of focus on attributes or benefits to highlight to customers. customers. Differentiating and Positioning Differentiating and Positioning (p. 260­2) Positioning Attribute Benefit Application / Usage Occasion Forecasting Forecasting (p. 262­4) Market Forecast ­ Longer Term Market Potential N x Q x P Penetration Frequency of purchase Amount purchased each time Support price Forecasting Forecasting GROUPS NUMBER PENETRATION FREQUENCY (PER YEAR) USAGE (EACH (EACH TIME) TIME) DEMAND (UNITS) YOUNG 580,000 40% 20 4 18.56m 18.56m MIDDLE AGED AGED 420,000 50% 15 4 12.60m OLD 330,000 60% 20 6 14.256m TOTAL 1330,000 45.416m Forecasting Forecasting (p. 262­4) Market Forecast – Shorter Term Market Size Surveys - Buyers’ intention Statistical - Historical data /trend extrapolation - Factors influencing demand Judgments - Experts - Managers/ salespeople Forecasting Forecasting (p. 262­4) Sales Forecast ­ Company’s Sales ● Last year’s sales + % growth forecasted (extrapolation; lost­horse) ● Forecasted market size x forecasted market share (build­ up)...
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