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HP3-C11 HP HP Scanjet N9120
Which tools do you need to repair the HP Scanjet N9120? (Select three)
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QUESTION: 25 Which HP Scanjet N9120 NVRAM data should be downloaded prior to the first Customer site visit? D
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QUESTION:26 Which HP Scanjet N9120 parts can be replaced by the user? (Select three. )
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Unformatted text preview:F. System power supply Answer: A, E, F QUESTION: 27 Which HP Scanjet N9120 sensors are replaceable? (Select three) A. Upper Multipick Detect 9 B. ADF Open C. ADF Scan Position D. Flatbed Motor Tension E. Paper Present F. Scanner NVRAM Overheat Answer: B, C, E QUESTION: 28 Which steps are involved in replacing the Automatic Document Feeder on the HP Scanjet N9120? (Select three) A. Remove the System Power Supply B. Align ADF toFlatbed. C. Remove the Flatbed Scanner Glass D. Adjust ADF height E. Perform ADF alignment with the N9120 Service Tool F. Remove the ADF Hinge wedges Answer: C, E, F 10 For More exams visit http s ://killexams.com /vendors-exam-list Kill your exam at First Attempt .... Guaranteed!