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The correct answers are listed at the bottom (no peeking!). These questions are to give you an idea of the type of questions that will be asked. They are not a complete study guide and are not a substitute for studying class outlines, pictures, and the assigned readings. 1. In discussing the concept of deep time, we used dollars as an analogy for years in trying to understand how much time is in a million years. So, if you had $1,000,000, approximately how long would it take you to spend it at the rate of $1000/day? A. 1 year B. 3 years C. 10 years D. 30 years 2. What is uniformitarianism or actualism? A. It's a scientific approach that states the laws of nature have always operated the way they do today. B. It's another term for catastrophism. C. It's a philosophy which holds that the earth has been relatively uniform over geologic time, with uniform rates of change. D. It was the viewpoint of James Hutton. 3. Which of the following is not a part of the modern philosophy of science?
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B. Principle of Parsimony C. Inductive-deductive reasoning. D. Creationism 4. What is the Principle of Parsimony? A. Complex explanations are required for the complex world of science. B. The simplest explanation is often the correct one. C. Several explanations may be required to explain natural phenomena. D. All of the above. 5. What are the 3 major environments of deposition? A. Lakes, rivers, ocean B. Swamps, beaches, marine shelves C. Marine, continental, transitional D. Shelf edge, slope, abyssal seafloor 6. What is the significance of red colored sedimentary rocks? A. There is no significance because minerals should never be
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Geol_103_test1_guide - The correct answers are listed at...

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