badminton - ). The sport of badminton was first introduced...

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Jake Waldbillig 1/23/08 Ped 124 Professor Casey Stouffer Badminton the History of Badminton was invented during Ancient Greece and Egypt. It is played with a feathered birdie or shuttlecock and tiny rackets. Badminton can be played with only two people or up to four. This is called playing singles or doubles respectively. Badminton was played in India during the 18 th century and called Poona. A British Army officer brought the game back to England in the 1860’s. The officer then introduced it to his friends and it later gained popularity when the Duke of Beaufort had it at a party at his palace called Badminton. This is where the name of the game originates ( ) . The first All-England championship for men was held in 1899 and in 1900 the first tournament for women took place . This only caused the sport to become even more popular. In 1920 there were 300 badminton clubs and after WWII there were over 9,000 clubs (
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Unformatted text preview: ). The sport of badminton was first introduced to the Olympics in 1985 when the Olympic committee unanimously voted to have badminton as a full medal sport in the Olympics ( %20Olympics ). The rules of badminton are fairly simple. For both singles and doubles the player to serve must hit the shuttlecock underhand and from the right side of the court in to the right side of the service box. The players must rotate to the left side to serve odd points. Both sides only have one attempt to return the shuttlecock due to being allowed to only strike it once. The games are played to 21 and you have to win by two. One notable names in the sport of badminton is Ken Chertow who was a 1989 US Olympian for Badminton ( Works cited
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badminton - ). The sport of badminton was first introduced...

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