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psyc notes - • Logical-math mathematical aptitude •...

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Psychology 9/27/07 What is intelligence? Poster Skit Music Facts Simulation The capacity to learn from experience and adapt successfully to one’s environment Reflects how well we function Frances Galton Believed that intelligence was inherited Based on intelligence on o Muscular strength o Size of your head o Speed at reacting to signals o Your ability to detect slight differences. Intelligence is the global capacity to act purposefully to think rationally, and to deal with the environment IQ ratio breaks down as we get older Reliability- degree to which test gives consisten results Triarchic theory of intelligence Analytical them ental stpes of compenents used to solve problems Creative- intellectual and motivational processes that lead to novel solution, ideas, artistic forms or products Seven types of intelligence Linguistic: verbal aptitude
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Unformatted text preview: • Logical-math: mathematical aptitude • Spatial:ability to visualize objexts • Musical: ability to appreciate the tonal qualities of sound, compose and play • Bodily-kinesthetic: ability to control movement • Interpersonal: ability to understand people • Intrapersonal: ability to understand oneself. • Nature’s influence on IQ • Identical twins reared together are more similar than fraternal twins reared together • Siblings who grow up together are more similar than unrelated individuals who frow up in the same house • Children are more similar to their biological parents than to adoptive parents • Nurture’s influence on IQ • Prenatalcare, exposure to alcohol and other toxins, birth complications, mal nutrition. • IQ scores above 130 are mental giftedness •...
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psyc notes - • Logical-math mathematical aptitude •...

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