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Ashley Cumming November 1, 2007 Reading Notes #1 “A Short History of Humanity” by William H. McNeill McNeill states that the world started in the Afro-Eurasian zone of civilization and only continued to grow with technology, and he states that everything is interrelated through all small increments. The Incan and the Mayan civilizations in the western hemisphere and their architecture, calendar, and writing are a perfect example of what they brought to civilization. Their inventions show that everything is interrelated through small increments of advances in technology and culture. Also, the tendency to congregate in urban areas displayed an impact on society. This relates to global studies through the impact on society. Also, dancing helped different culture relate to each other, deepening the spread of global interconnectedness. “Introduction” by Eric J. Wolf Wolf describes in his text that the world is not bounded by distinct entities. He states that it is hard to divide North, South, East, and West because people view their separate areas
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