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astronomyquiz3 - are diff than those of other planets b/c...

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Venus appears so bright from the Earth b/c it never strays far from sun & it has highly reflective cloud cover. Venus is always found close to the sun b/c its orbit is within the Earth’s. Venus has retrograde rotation b/c in its early evolution, it was struck by a large body & the impact was sufficient to reduce the planet’s spin to almost zero. Prior to radio observations, scientists had hopes that Venus’s clouds were water vapor & that the planet was inhabitable. Radio observations revealed, though, that the temperatures on Venus were too high to sustain life. Continents, called “Ishtar Terra” & “Aphrodite Terra,” occupy about 8% of Venus’s surface. Ishtar Terra is dominated by a plateau & mountain ranges. There are also volcanoes & craters on Venus’s surface. The clouds in Venus’s upper atmosphere are made of sulfuric acid. The main reason Earth evolved into an oasis for life & Venus didn’t is b/c Earth has water & Venus doesn’t. Impact craters of Venus
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Unformatted text preview: are diff. than those of other planets b/c Venus’s atmosphere is so thick that only objects 2-3 KM in diameter are able to make it through to the planets surface. It’s very unlikely that global warming will ever cause Earth’s atmosphere to experience the runaway greenhouse effect like Venus has, but our environment is very fragile. The moon & Mercury undergo extremes in temp b/c they’re both lacking atmospheric blankets. This results in very warm days & cold nights. Most astronomers believe the Moon originated when a Mars-sized object collided w/the newly formed Earth. The moon formed from the collision & ended up staying in the Earth’s orbit. Due to synchronous orbit, the Earth would appear almost stationary to an observer in the nigh sky. It would, though, be changing its appearance b/c it would still be rotating....
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