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Thomas L Friedman Reporting: The Other Side of Outsourcing - British Colony for over 200 years – most middle class speak fluent English - Bangalore is a huge location for outsourcing 1 st Indian city with satellite communications (telemarketers, 24/7 customer service, tech support, etc) - Gives young Indians a way to earn much higher wages than most would expect. o Call centers receive sometimes over 700 applications a day o Call centers employ nearly 245,000 people o Call operators receive accent elimination courses in order to be more understandable - Living wages in India are about 1/5 of that of the United States o Most operators make about $200 a month $1,000 American - Indian youth think that American influence from outsourcing will influence society as a whole. o Youth has become more materialistic o Very “brand conscious” when shopping o Parent’s generation was very obedient and did not speak their minds while
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Unformatted text preview: the youth of India act more independent or westernized.-54% of Indias population is under the age of 25-RSS are Hindu nationalists whom who are believed to have been linked with many acts of violence against non-Hindus-Elders worried about Indian traditions because of Globalization and because of huge influx of western culture. -Jodooworks Create animations for many American and European cartoons o 6 months of training many trainees have never touched a computer; learn 3D digital artwork from traditional sculpting. -Wipro 2 nd largest IT company in India CEO is the richest man in India-Some believe that outsourcing is destroying the lower class. o Foreign countries are making the same product as lower class families for less, taking jobs from the poor....
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