Engineering Lab ii

Engineering Lab ii - Approved by Document N Date Sheet of...

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Lab Number: 2 Title: Digital Logic Circuits (Multisystem) Professor Jeffrey Denenberg, PhD Andrew S Grandin December 11, 2007 ENG 31
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Purpose: The purpose of this lab was to get a better understanding of circuits and how they run, by having a hands on opportunity to built our own circuits. To learned how to ground wires, and how to make the correct LED lights turn on when certain switches are turned on. Materials: -A pencil circuit board -Assortment of different colored wires. -Power outlet Procedure: First we took a circuit bored and checked to see if it worked, connecting all of the switches to the lights. Then we followed the diagram below to make it into a circuit. Data: 74HC86D 1 2 3 U1A 74HC86D 4 5 6 U1B U2A 74HC08D 1 2 3 U2B 74HC08D 4 5 6 U3A 74HC32D 1 2 3 V1 5V R1 1kohm R2 1kohm J1 Key = A J2 Key = B X1 2.5 V X2 2.5 V X3 2.5 V X4 2.5 V A Sum Carry Title: Designed by: Checked by:
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Unformatted text preview: Approved by: Document N: Date: Sheet of Revision: Size: FULL_ADDER Project 1 Jeffrey Denenberg 0001 Oct 06, 2005 1 1 1.0 A Measurements: For the 86: J1: Switch 7 J2: Switch 6 3 Out: Light 5 For 08: Light 0: Out 3 For 32: Light 1: Out 3 (carry) Other: 86 (pin 6) Sum to Light 2 5: Not grounded to Light 4 and Switch 4 Conclusion: I learned how to make a circuit reading a diagram. I also learned the difference from the Inverter (C=not A), And Gate (C=AB), and the Or Gate (C=A+B). Our group had some problems at the beginning, because one of our lights kept telling us that circuit 32 wasn’t working and our switches broke. But in the end we acquired a new circuit board, and thus were able to get the lights to turn on with the correct corresponding switches....
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Engineering Lab ii - Approved by Document N Date Sheet of...

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