PSYC 3230 TEST 2

PSYC 3230 TEST 2 - Exam 2 Test Bank 1 Joanne says that she...

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Exam 2 Test Bank 1. Joanne says that she cannot say “no” to her intrusive mother. Her therapist has her pretend to engage in such an interaction to assess how weak Joanne’s assertiveness skills really are. This illustrates the use of a. Role-playing b. Structured interviewing c. A rating scale d. “Thought reports” 2. Research by Exner and others has shown that the Rorschach a. Is one of the least frequently researched clinical instruments despite its widespread use b. Is just as effective at identifying areas of brain damage as MRI’s and PET scans c. Can be scored by computer, thereby increasing its reliability d. Is a test with weak reliability and absolutely no validity 3. Reasons individually administered IQ tests may not be used include all of the following EXCEPT a. Many settings and cases don’t require the kind of detailed knowledge they give b. They have low reliability c. They are expensive d. They take several hours to give and interpret 4. Which axes are rarely used in most clinical settings? a. Axes I and IV b. Axes IV and V c. Axes I and II d. Axes III and IV 5. The need for rapport between a clinician and client means a. That the clinician and the client must feel friendly towards each other b. That someone who is court ordered will be an easy client c. The client must feel comfortable with the clinician and the assessment d. Clients don’t need to be given any feedback about their test performance 6. Which of the following is a type of test that tries to find ways in which a person’s personality and past experiences cause them to understand and perceive their world? a. Structured interviews b. Projective tests c. Neuropsychogical tests d. Intelligence tests and personality tests 7. There are two general categories and psychological tests used in clinical practice. They are: a. Intelligence tests and rating scales b. Projective tests and sentence completion tests c. Neuropsychological tests and standardized tests d. Intelligence tests and personality tests
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8. In which of the following circumstances would a clinician be most likely to use self-monitoring? a. To evaluate the quality of the social environment b. When analogue situations have not served to provoke they provoke a demonstration of the presenting problem c. When other forms of clinical observation have yielded no evidence of abnormal behavior d. To find out what situations are likely to illicit problematic behavior 9. A person comes to a mental health professional with a certain complaint. The professional attempts to understand the nature and extent of the problem. This process is called a. Diagnosis b. Screening c. Clinical treatment d. Assessment 10. Which of the following is an assumption of a categorical approach to abnormal behavior? a.
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PSYC 3230 TEST 2 - Exam 2 Test Bank 1 Joanne says that she...

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