Phil 104-8-28-12

or as embodied in any accepted usage standard of

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Unformatted text preview: An gathering, a coming together of a representa*ve body, Agreement, conven*onal usage, An agreement or covenant between par*es An agreement crea*ng legal rela*ons, General agreement or consent, deliberate or implicit, as cons*tu*ng the origin and founda*on of any custom, ins*tu*on, opinion, etc., or as embodied in any accepted usage, standard of behaviour, method of ar*s*c treatment, or the like.” i.e. an accord that has binding character that determines human interacIons What are “Methods”?   Again, the O.E.D: “ The principles or procedures of any mode or field of cogni*ve ac*vity, themselves considered as an object or branch of study.” and “A special form of procedure or characteris*c set of procedures employed (more or less systema*cally) in an intellectual discipline or field of study as a mode of inves*ga*on and inquiry, or of teaching and exposi*on.” What are the “Humani*es?” The Britannica Encyclopedia gives us th...
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