Phil 104-8-28-12

In its mulple facets the dec encourages students to

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Unformatted text preview: athering skills useful for lifelong learning; fiOh, to provide a common founda*on for wide ­ranging dialogue with peers on issues of significance. In its mul*ple facets, the D.E.C. encourages students to develop a cri*cal and inquiring aPtude, an apprecia*on of complexity and ambiguity, a tolerance for and empathy with persons and groups of different backgrounds or values, and a deepened sense of self. In short, the goal of the D.E.C. is to prepare students to appreciate and be able to func*on effec*vely in an increasingly complex world. Category B •  Interpre'ng Texts in the Humani'es •  Students must demonstrate knowledge of the conven&ons and methods of at least one of the humani&es in addi*on to those encompassed by other knowledge areas required by the SUNY general educa*on curriculum. What are ‘Conven*ons’ According to the O.E.D, conven*ons has several meanings: ...
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