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To familiarize you with at least ve foundaonal gures

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Unformatted text preview: to Moral Reasoning This class is designed to introduce you to some of the main Western ethical and moral tradi*ons. We will study u*litarianisms, deontology (in its religious and secular variants), virtue ethics, as well as ethical aesthe*cism and ethical cri*cism. All of these tradi*ons will be studied and discussed in the context of four challenges: First, are humans by nature moral? Second, is the moral different from the good? Third, are the passions an obstacle to morality? Fourth, can we educate our moral imagina*on beyond what is ra*onally acceptable, or deem so by conven*on? Class objec*ves 1.  To learn what philosophy is and is not, and how moral or prac*cal philosophy relates to the other subdisciplines of philosophy; 2.  To familiarize you with at least five founda*onal figures of Western moral philosophy, and to read in their en*r...
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