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Treatises the logical natural philosophy first

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Unformatted text preview: to Athens to study at the Academy o 347 leaves Athens (perhaps because he was not made head of the Academy) o 334 Returns to Athens + establishes the Lyceum Remember Aristotles was a metic – a naturalized citizen not originally from Athens o 323 Alexander the Great (Macedonian) dies – Aristotle leaves Athens due to anti ­Macedonian sentiment o 322 dies in Calcis Two Major Headings for Aristotle’s philosophy o Natural Philosophy Conception of knowledge from dealing with the world Empiricist + Scientist • Ex: History of Animals o Aristotle puts forward a taxonomy of animals o Theoretical Treatises The Logical Natural Philosophy First Philosophy – Metaphysics Practical Philosophy Action Theory Aristotle does not focus on abstract metaethical questions o Question of morality for Aristotle should focus on what kind of creature we are Thus, to understand morality we need to understand what we are Philosophical Anthropology – Theory of the human Aristotle critiques Plato and develops virtue ethics (also found in Confucianism) Political Naturalism o Like Plato mo...
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