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Mass communication - January 15 th and 17 th Mass...

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Unformatted text preview: January 15 th and 17 th Mass communication Media and Mass communication o Communication- the process embedded in our everyday lives that informs the way we perceive, understand, and construct our view of reality and the world. o Source : best friend, magazines, and news. o Messages : have to have a meaning, need to understand. o Symbols : recognize pictures or drawings and can have meaning o Receiver : someone has to be on the other end to receive the message Ex . television audience, students o Noise and filters: noise: emails that distract you and distort your viewpoint. Filters: news paper editors that decide what we hear and see. Movie producers o Feedback: great evaluations, response to an advertisement, event attendance. Interpersonal communication- o inter means between o One-on-one communication o Lots of direct feedback (verbal and nonverbal) from audience- not one-way communication; rather a dialogue Intrapersonal communication- o Intra means within o Internal (within-your-own-head) communication o Also lots of feedback- especially if you have conversations with yourself or you have multiple personalities. o Any communication that occurs within the self Group communication- o One-on-more-than-one communication o Closer to one-way communication but sender can still get lots of feedback from audience...
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Mass communication - January 15 th and 17 th Mass...

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