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Music Appreciation (MUS 1751, Section 1) Spring 2008 – MWF 9:40-10:30 Brian Bonin, Instructor ([email protected]) Office: Hatcher Hall, Room 362 Office Hours by appointment REQUIRED MATERIALS 1. Craig Wright – Listening To Western Music textbook, includes an Introductory CD (attached to back cover) 2. The 2-CD supplementary set to accompany Listening to Western Music 3. Four 8 ½” X 11” Scantron forms, for each of the exams COURSE OBJECTIVES This course is a part of the General Education curriculum. The purpose of this course is to foster an appreciation of art music of the Western world, which in American culture is often referred to as “classical music.” The instructor will encourage students to develop a personal definition for all music and to appreciate European/American art music compositions from the composer’s (i.e. creator’s) perspective. Students will learn to describe, interpret, and analyze a variety of art music styles and their intended effect on an audience. The ultimate goal of this course is that students will develop an objective system, independent of each student’s individual taste, for discerning the value and significance of various types of music. PREREQUISITES There are no prerequisites. The student needs neither music-reading skills nor prior knowledge of Western art music in order to succeed in this course. GRADING INFORMATION Grade weighting : Class Attendance 10% Concert Attendance 12% Semester Book Quizzes (12 total) 6% Exam # 1: Elements 18% Exam # 2: Baroque and Classical Eras, Beethoven 18% Exam # 3: Romantic Era and Early Twentieth Century 18% Exam # 4: American Music 18% ____ total 100% Grading scale : A=90-100, B= above 80, C= above 70, D= above 60, F= below 60 The instructor will post grades onto the Semester Book online system. Semester Book for this course is available in each student’s PAWS account under the Student Services menu.
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DESCRIPTION OF GRADED ELEMENTS Class Attendance The instructor will randomly select ten class days to assess class attendance. The instructor will present a few questions relating to musical concepts discussed in class, and the students will write down and submit their answers. Each of these attendance “checks” is worth 1% of the final grade. Concert Attendance Students are expected to attend three instructor-approved LSU School of Music concerts. Successful attendance of these three concerts and submission of three correctly-completed concert programs will result in full credit for concert attendance. Consult the Schedule of Concerts for Credit document in the Materials section of Semester Book for both the concert credit procedure and the list of approved concerts. Each concert attendance is worth 4% of the final grade. Semester Book Quizzes
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Syllabus - Music Appreciation(MUS 1751 Section 1 Spring...

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