The Tale of Orion

The Tale of Orion - The Tale of Orion The tale of Orion...

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The Tale of Orion The tale of Orion begins with his father, Hyrieus. He had grown old and had never been able to have a son and he regretted it. Zeus and Hermes were watching him and realized they could help him. They disguised themselves as ragged travelers that were seeking shelter. When Hyrieus offered them shelter they accepted and drank wine and ate the whole night while sharing stories. The gods asked him what does he want most in life and Hyrieus replied that he wanted a son. He was told to skin a bull, which he soon did. The two gods urinated on it and the next day Hyrieus buried in the ground as he was told. Nine months later he heard a baby crying form where he had buried the bull. With help from the villagers he was named Orion. Orion was a strong and handsome hunter with his two hunting dogs he had raised from their birth. He soon met Side and married her, but she was very vain. One day she said how she was more beautiful than Hera herself to which Hera responded by having Zeus kill her. Orion, devastated by his
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