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A pressureproof electromagnet at each bottle position

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Unformatted text preview: ardattachment              S ea  BirdElectronics,Inc.  th 13431NE20 Street,Bellevue,Washington98005USA www.seabird.com    E mail:[email protected] Telephone:+1425 643 9866 Fax:+1425 643 9954 The heart of every Carousel is the magnetically actuated lanyard release (at right). A pressure proof electromagnet at each bottle position is energized on command to release the latch holding the bottle lanyard. Titanium,acetalplastic,andothercorrosion resistantmaterialsareusedin the latch and magnet assembly. The latch array’s modular construction makesservicingeasy.      TheCarousel’selectronics/releaseassemblyandmountinghubarestandard components of all 12  and 24 position systems, and are available separately. When the electronics/release assembly is bolted into the mou...
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