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Unformatted text preview: nting hub, a drop in replacement is created for the pylon assembly commonly found in many existing water samplers, allowing reuse of existing bottle mount stands and adapter plates when upgrading to the more reliable and convenient Carousel design.  36 positionCarouselstypicallyrequireacustomdesignsuitedtotheintendedbottlesize,and are built to meet specific application requirements for size, weight, and materials. One exampleofa 36 position electronics/releaseassembly isshownatright,installedina custom 36 positionstainlesssteelframefor12 literbottles.       Forusewithlimitedverticalclearance,theSBE32Cisa12 positionsamplerwithoutCTD extensionstand.Itsupportsbottlesupto8liters,andaccommodatesa9plusCTDmounted horizontallyinsidethebottlecircle.Bottlepositionsarecloselyspacedinto2arcs,leaving spacesbetweenthearcendstoprovideunobstructedflowtothe9plusortoallowmounting anSBE19,19plus,19plusV2,25,or25plusCTD(orSBE49CTDforreal timeoperation only)and/orotherinstr...
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