Sbe11plusdeckunit thecarouselisdesignedtobe

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Unformatted text preview: umentsvertically,usinganaccessorymountingfixture.        The12 positionSBE32SCissizedfor1.7or2.5literbottles.WhenusedwithanSBE19,19plus,19plusV2,25,or25plusCTD(or SBE49CTDforreal timeoperationonly),itoffersasmallyetfull featuredsystem,well suitedtooperationfromsmallboats. FullSizeCarousel(12 bottle,5 litershown) S ea  BirdElectronics,Inc.  th 13431NE20 Street,Bellevue,Washington98005USA E mail:[email protected] Telephone:+1425 643 9866 Fax:+1425 643 9954  TheCarouselcanbecontrolledinseveralways:  Real timedataacquisitionandcontrol   SBE11plusDeckUnitforSBE9plusCTD  SBE33CarouselDeckUnitforSBE19,19plus,19plusV2,25,25plus,or49CTD noCTD orNeilBrownMkIIICTD  Autonomousdataacquisitionandcontrol(nocon...
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