Seasave realtime data acquisition and simultaneous

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Unformatted text preview: auxiliaryA/DchanneltointerfaceasurfacePARsensor. Note:When usingtheSBE49 withtheCarousel andSBE33, Seasave(our real timedata acquisition software)does notallow acquisitionof SurfacePAR data.   SBE17plusV2SearamRecorder&AutoFireModule TheSearam allowsCarouseloperationwithanSBE9plus CTDwithoutaconductingseacable.PowerissuppliedtobothCTD and Carousel by the Searam's internal battery. Using pressure data received from the SBE 9plus and a programmable table of bottleclosurepressures,theSearam commandstheCarouseltoclosebottlesonupcast.Setup,checkout,anddatauploadingare performedthroughtheprovidedsoftware.  AutoFireModule(AFM) TheAFMallowsCarouseloperationwithoutaconductingseacablebyfiringbottlesatuser programmedtimeintervals.Or,when usedwithSB...
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