And i want to make a point here all five of you are

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Unformatted text preview: ing with an idea, type it up. By a quarter to 3:00 be back in bed, get up and pour yourself a hot cup of coffee, and see money, real money, cash money, in your inbox. Ron: Well, you know, sometimes I think that people look at that as some kind of a dream that doesn’t apply to them. And I want to make a point here – all five of you are in the information marketing business. You sell information products, as I do. So that makes six of us on this call that have made our fortunes selling information products. Good quality information products that enrich the lives of others. And I’d also to point out that, frankly, the Internet is nothing more than a marketing tool to do that with. The Internet is not a magic pill. If you don’t plug it into the wall and drive traffic to is, it’s pretty much worthless. Am I right, guys? Male: Yes. That’s right. Ron: It’s like a telephone sitting on a table, not plugged in, isn’t it? Yanik: And David touched on a great point which, he talked about Claude Hopkins and all those old time greats – it really boils down to direct response marketing. Ron: Yes it does. Yanik: That’s what the Internet really is. Ron: That’s correct. The Internet is nothing more than a means to deliver the message, capture an audience, and accept an offer on a product or sell a product. It’s nothing more than a marketing tool. And a lot of people don’t understand that. They think it’s something more than that. In fact, they think it is a product. And in fact it’s just away of enlightening people about your product. Guys, what I want to do right now is I want to assume that you are a listener on this call and you’re looking for a way to profit on the Internet, and I’d like to go through the steps that are involved in that process, regardless of what products you have or service you are marketing. The process of selling that product or service is pretty much the same. Would everybody agree with that? Everybody: Uh huh. Ron: Okay. One of the biggest, I would say one of the most important keys in this system is to drive traffic to the website. But first, we have to start with setting up the website. Now, Jonathan, I can tell you that one of the best tapes that I’ve ever listened to about making money on the Internet was an interview with you where you literally went through ten steps to make that happen. Jonathan: Uh huh. Ron: So I’d like for you to lead off this conversation and see if we can’t start right with step one, and take our listening audience through those steps in the time we have remaining. I know we can’t dwell on any of them in great detail, but frankly if we can just get that in on this tape, this will be a tape that should be an important part of anybody’s library. Jonathan: Well I think, first of all, if you have an idea for a product. You have an idea for an e-book, or an idea for anything. Or even if you have an existing product that you want to go ahead and start selling on the Internet and y...
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