And if youve got a list really all you need is

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Unformatted text preview: were both generating a lot of traffic and getting a lot of money in our pockets. Ron: Commonly called an endorsed mailing. Jonathan: Endorsed mailing, a joint venture. It really isn’t anything new. It’s been around for a long time. Direct mail. Ron: One of the old basic standards of marketing period. Online or offline. I do a lot of it myself. And so basically you need product – you have a list, you need products, and if you have products, you need a list. Jonathan: That’s right. Ron: So everybody wins. Jonathan: And if you’ve got products, really all you need is someone with a list. And if you’ve got a list, really all you need is someone with a product. Ron: Well said. Jonathan: And so that’s really the key is once you start this roll out, where you’re working with different people, at that point the whole goal is just to see what the conversion rate is, is to kind of get yourself out there and to start generating a lot of traffic. I mean we did one promotion with one guy – I won’t even say his name – but he called me up and he said can your server handle the traffic? And I said, well, yeah, how much are you gonna send? He said, I don’t know, 5,000 or 10,000 visitors. I’m like, oh, over what period of time? He said, I don’t know, a few hours. Now, honestly, I didn’t know if my server could handle it. It did handle it, but, you know, that’s the kind of stuff you get into when you start doing joint ventures because once you get these partners of yours to start mailing to their list and start promoting your site on a revenue split basis, man, you can just take off and relax. Ron: So let me recap here then. Once we got our site set up and we got some quality product going there, then probably the smartest thing to do is to find other people with lists and let them sell it for you and take a piece of the action and do nothing. Is that what you’re saying? Jonathan: Absolutely. Well there’s one, there’s another step in that same step, and that is to – once you know what’s gonna happen and you’re reasonably able to predict what kind of numbers and conversion and selling and stuff like that – how many people are gonna buy. Then you start an affiliate program and you just open it up to everybody on the whole Internet, and you allow people to join for free and I’ve got one friend and client and he probably generates – I don’t know – 3,000 to 5,000 visitors a day. And he pays for exactly none of them. Ron: Wow. Jonathan: He only pays for them if the people buy. Ron: So the exponential growth begins because you’ve got people telling people, telling people, telling people, telling people. Sort of life MLM, huh, Dave? Jonathan: And it’s on a performance basis. So you only pay when – you don’t pay per click, you’re paying only for sales that are actually occurring. Ted: Then you automate the winners, Ron, for example there’s a young fellow on the West Coast with a big two book information product. I wrote a letter four months ago – it took 90 seconds – tested it, it made money. Every month, every...
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