And in terms of free traffic those are probably one

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Unformatted text preview: generated us a very nice high figure income for the day. Ron: All right, guys, any other thoughts on getting traffic to your website. Jonathan: I would also have to throw in pay per click search engines, not just GoTo, there’s a, – actually there’s a great site called Lists, I don’t know, there’s probably about 120 of them right now. That and also the traditional search engines, which I would check out a site called It’s getting much, much more difficult to generate traffic off the search engines, off of the conventional ones, but I still think you need to give it a couple of days and do the very basics and that. And in terms of free traffic, those are probably one of the best sources if you can get a listing. Yanik: Yes. And getting into Yahoo, that’s one of the well, I guess it would be considered a search engine – more like a directory, and there is a way to get into there. We just had a site that we developed just for Yahoo and that brings in like 1,000 visitors per day now. Jonathan: Wow. Yanik: And we manipulated it – we strategically positioned the domain name and a couple of things to get it as the number one site in that directory listing in that category. Ron: Okay, so what you’re really saying is that it’s not difficult to drive traffic to the website, and frankly is really not – it doesn’t take that much time if you do the right things, not the stupid things that most people think you have to do like spend your life trying to get your name at the top of the search engine when there’s so many other ways to get it done a lot easier with the current technology and the current web producers that are out there now. Terry: Ron, if you just throw a lot of different lines in the water. One of those, by the way, being affiliate programs. That’s free traffic and you only pay when you get the sales. Jonathan: What I was gonna say, if you just focused on pay per click search engines and affiliate – having an affiliate program, those two things are probably gonna generate 80% of your traffic. David: What I’d like to bring up here is that biggest misconception most beginners have about marketing online is they see the traffic as their main goal. I have to say that getting traffic is easy, if you can make the sale when they get there. Ron: Right. Amen. Ted: It’s the key to making money on the web is working on the sales process, or tens of thousands of people who will generate traffic for you if you can make money when they get to your site. Ron: So what you’re saying is it’s easy to get the traffic coming, but if they’re not buying anything that’s your fault. Terry: That’s where you need to spend the majority of your worktime. And also is making sure that they’re buying something when they get there. Ron: Guys, do you favor having multiple websites, or having multiple products on one website? Jonathan: I would have to say – Ron: And this is Jonathan talking? J...
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