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And that is you can go ahead and you can license

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Unformatted text preview: systems are that are out there and get the experience of creating an information product. Ron: I agree. But in order to get cash flow coming in right now, the easy way is to license other people’s products while you’re creating yours. Create revenue now and then perhaps you will find yourself creating a product that will even add on or supplement what you licensed. Terry: I’ve got an easier way to do it. And that is you can go ahead and you can license something, and then you would have proprietary rights to it. But if you really want to get started quickly, just about everybody on this call and everybody who’s anybody on the Internet has an affiliate program. Ron: Yes. Terry: And they have proven sales letters, and they have all the credit card processing in there. They already have the product delivery system. And most of the affiliate programs are free to sign up. Someone could just sign up and start promoting a product. In fact, we tell clients if they think they can sell a product, find an affiliate program for something similar and see if they can sell that. And then, if they can’t, what makes them think they’ll be able to sell their own? Ron: Amen. Terry: I can tell you the way I actually got started online was basically what you just said. I licensed products. I didn’t have a product that I created myself for I think about two years. Ron: This is Terry Dean talking. Terry: Yes, Terry Dean. I basically licensed audio tapes and videos and I basically licensed anything that involved, that I knew that my market would want, and then I started publishing an e-zing, where I wrote my own e-zing, just a short little, maybe 500 words, each week or so and advertising one of these products I licensed. Then after about two years I started collecting and creating my own products out of what I spent the last two years writing. Ron: There you go. Jonathan: Terry that is the – I hope everybody understands, that sounds so simple but that is the most brilliant thing that I ever heard. And I know of at least ten people who started out with no products, with no system. Some of them didn’t have a website. They just started a little e-zing. They developed relationships with their clients. And then they started offering products that they either had a licensing deal or an affiliate program, and that’s how they got their first chunk of change in their bank account so they could take it to the next level. Terry: That’s exactly – you see in the basic I licensed a couple of products, started selling them, and then after I started building that e-zing subscriber base, I would start buying products licensed to somebody and make the money back within a day. Like I licensed a product from Jonathan, made money before the day was over. Jonathan: You know, Ron, if somebody is listening to this tape or this call, they think that money is raining from the sky on the Internet. If they want to get some perspective and spend the next three to five years building a list and e-zing list of 10,000 peopl...
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