And the number one search engine to look is gotocom

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Unformatted text preview: ou want to know whether or not, A) there’s any market for it. B) You gonna have any chance of selling it. And C), you know, whether there’s any actual information that you can capture about the pricing of the information, the sources for the traffic. The very first thing that we recommend you do is look at the search engines. And the number one search engine to look is GoTo is one of the, right now, secret search engines. If you want to be number one, in fact I’ll tell everybody, if you want to be number one on AOL and on Lycos, and on Altavista, and on MSN, all you need to do is buy one of the top three spots in your category on the search engine GoTo. Because all those other search engines use GoTo results in order to feed to their audience. Cause search engines have never made money, right? So GoTo gives these search engines the opportunity to actually share the revenue of the cost per click. Ron: All right. If you’re gonna talk about GoTo now, first you have to explain what is and what it does. Jonathan: Well what GoTo is, is it’s a pay per click search engine. Ron: In other words you pay for leads as they come in, instead of spending money on advertising and hoping they come in. Jonathan: That’s right. Instead of spending money on a banner ad and hoping that some people click on it, you decide what value you can pay per click, per visitor, per hit, per person, coming into your site. And that’s what you bid and GoTo has a very easy to understand bidding system. And I’d just encourage everybody to just go there and open an account. It costs $20, $25. You’ll figure it out very, very quickly. But the idea is to go in there and to see who your competition is. The reason that’s so important is because if you look in a normal search engine, you’re gonna see all the people who are good at manipulating the search engine. If you go to GoTo, you’re gonna see the people who are paying money to get visitors to their site. And when someone is paying money, you’d probably have to agree, that they would only do that if they are making money in return. Ron: Either that or they’re making enough volume. Jonathan: Well, ideally you’re gonna find a lot more examples of people who you might want to emulate or of products or of key words, anywhere else, you’ll find them on GoTo. Ron: Well you’re getting ahead of me here because you’re talking about driving traffic to the website, which I said is the key. First, I said, we’re starting from scratch. We have to have something that we want to market on the Internet, wouldn’t you agree? Jonathan: Well, this is why you go to GoTo, because if you have an idea for a product, you’re gonna use GoTo and the other search engines to find out if anybody else has a product. Ron: Oh, so you’re doing your due diligence here. Jonathan: One of the problems we see is that people say, well, I’m gonna sell a product on how kids can get A’s in school, and I’m gonna get search engine traffic. Well, there’s no search engine traffic and there’s no other sim...
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