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But i know that guys we got to get off of the first

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Unformatted text preview: e. They’ll generate enough cash flow in that time period to pay a mortgage, pay a car payment, put a kid through private school, save for retirement. They don’t have to be buying castles and Ferraris, but if they’re approaching this with enough patience, a two to five year gain horizon, and to diligently grow that list. Ron: Well I think everybody on this call right now can, has grown that list a lot faster than that. But I know that – guys we got to get off of the first step. We got nine more to go. We’re running out of time. So the first step is to license a product and/or create your own product. Jonathan: And your own list. Start your own e-zing. Ron: Okay. And what’s the second step? I would think that if once we create a product, we’re gonna have to start worrying about setting up our website, aren’t we? And getting our domain name and so forth? Jonathan: Yeah. Absolutely. You’re gonna need to – in fact, Terry’s got some great – can I go ahead and plug you, Terry – Terry’s got some great templates. There are a lot of templates out there. If you need to get something set up, it’s really, really easy now. When we were doing it years ago it was very, very difficult. You don’t need – just about all the tools you would need you can download for free on the Internet. Most of the experience that you need, most of the instructions are out there. Everything is simple. It’s not difficult to set up a website right now. Yanik: And don’t even get hung up on that if you can’t do it. This is Yanik. And I still have no clue how to put my own web page. I hire someone to do it. I mean, there are so many people out there on Elance.com that will put up a website for you, or your local college. You’ll find tons of people that can do it. Jonathan: Yeah, that’s right. We had a client just call me and ask me a technical question and I said, I don’t know. He says well don’t you do that? And I said yeah. He says how do you do it? I said I call my tech and I give him $100. But the fact is, why wouldn’t I do that? Why do I need to know how to do Java scripting. You just pay somebody or you find someone who’s got the experience and who wants to help you out. There are a lot people out there who will work with you for free, just because they want to be a part of something bigger. Jonathan: I’ll do a big plug here for Elance here that Yanik just mentioned. At Elance.com you can pick up web designers. You can pick up people who will write a whole book for you, if you want. Transcriptions, everything you can imagine you can hire someone to do the work for you. Yanik: We just had a bonus product created, a book that I hired someone off of there. So you can information products created from there. Ron: Okay. Guys. I’ve got a product. I created one or I’ve licensed one. I’ve got my website set up. Now what? I think I’ve got to drive traffic to it, don’t I? Jonathan: Well, wait a minute, it’s my opinion that you got to make sure that that website, while it’s set up, is operating at maximum efficiency and t...
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