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But we still generate income from that web every week

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Unformatted text preview: every week to my list and then we have the very special offers that we make every couple of months. But we still generate income from that web every week. Ron: So in a nutshell your business revolves around building that list and making offers to them that they can’t resist and making a profit because of what you’ve done. Terry: That’s exactly what I do and what I’ve taught others to do. Ron: Okay. Well that’s good. We’re gonna come back to that. Next we have Jonathan Mizel. Jonathan, talk to me. Jonathan: Well, god, hi, Ron. You know what Terry just said was absolutely the most accurate information I’ve ever heard which is the whole goal of marketing on the Internet, or marketing offline, is to build a list of people who are interested in hearing from you. And you know are interested in the kinds of products and services that you sell. I think it’s so important to tell people that everyone’s heard about all these free traffic generators and free website, you know, hit generators and things like that. Well, real traffic, real highly targeted traffic, is going up in price. And it’s not cheap right now. And the only way that you can reliably get and ensure that you have traffic for as long as you have a web business, is to have a mailing list. So from our standpoint, building a mailing list is probably the most important thing that you can do online or off. It’s like having an annuity. Terry, would you say that whenever you need money you just go and do a mailing to your list and you can pretty much count that you’re gonna make money? Terry: That’s exactly how to do – not too long ago I was asked by another expert how would I, if I had to generate $10,000 in ten days, how would I do it? I said, well, I’d write an offer one day, send a mailing to my list the next day and take the rest of the week off. Ron: Sounds good to me. And I can tell you guys as mostly an offline marketer myself, the company that I founded a few years ago should hit $25 million this year and building that list is the most important part of that process – our customer database is what makes that possible. We’re always acquiring customers through radio, television and Internet and other sources, but it’s marketing to those customers that is building that revenue. In fact our revenue will double this year simply because of some simple marketing strategies that I put in place over the last several months and it’s all based on building that list. Jonathan: Well, Ron, when someone hears about you and they opt into your list, you know they’re interested in hearing from you again. You know they’re interested in getting information about marketing on the website or investing in real estate. So it’s really the one thing you can do to insure that for as long as you’re in business, you’re gonna be making money. Ron: I think the key word you just said was opt in there. Keep in mind we are not spamming these folks, these people elected to get email from us. They have opted in or chosen for us to c...
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