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Jonathan if i can send out an email and know in 48

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Unformatted text preview: he Internet business, no. But we have another offline information product that we do offline marketing for, yes. Ron: Okay. How about you, Jonathan? Jonathan: None. Ron: None? Zippo. Nada. You wouldn’t know how to seal an envelope if you had to, huh? Jonathan: If I can send out an email and know in 48 hours, why would I want to know in two or three weeks? Ron: Beats me. How about you, Terry? Terry: No, I don’t do anything offline. Ron: You’re totally, 100% online? Terry: Yes. Ron: Okay. All right, Ted, how do you make most of your money? Ted: Well, of course now let’s continue with that other issue. That brings up one point of my (unintelligible) mail order in the Internet age, right? The reason why I like to do that is that I find that, lead for lead, even though (unintelligible) is more labor intensive, that I make more money, more net effective money, that I can mind my customer base better. It’s just my experience that I can mind them better when I integrate both offline and online. Ron: And of course I would absolutely agree with you on that. Jonathan: Ron, can I make a comment? Ron: You can. Jonathan: Well I totally agree with you, Ted, and I’m sure that if you were to do offline advertising, Terry or any of us, we would make more money. It’s just that the lifestyle choice that we’ve chosen with not having to have employees and not having to have a mail room, and not having to pay postage, printing and labor, we are willing to give up that extra revenue because we’re not – we don’t want to take those steps. But you’re absolutely right, we are giving up revenue by not marketing, you now, with mail order as well. Ron: Well said. Key word there is life choice. Terry: I will say that with this I did send out postcards to my list with the purpose of generating more optimum email addresses. Ron: Yes. Terry: Until E-Poster.com went out of business, which they were the one that did all the mailing and everything for you right online. Ron: You are lazy, aren’t you Terry? Terry: (Unintelligible) actually do something I didn’t do it any more. Ron: Okay. David? David: Present. Ron: Okay. David Ledoux, the only guy we haven’t heard from yet. Tell us how you make your fortune on the Internet. David: Well I tell you I’m really excited to be here and I wanted to congratulate anybody smart enough to be on the call tonight, or listening to this tape because there’s not a sole who’s tuned in tonight who, nine to 18 months from now, cannot completely change their entire life because I’m living proof of that. Nine months ago I went to Hawaii for Christmas holiday, and I was so inspired I was at Maui, which is just beautiful, and I think Jonathan’s moving there shortly. I’m very jealous of that because it’s just, it’s heaven. It’s paradise in Hawaii and I got inspired to write a book. And I decided to take the winter to write a book. And this was a particularly brutal winter. We had seven feet of snow, minus thirty temperature. Ron: Holy cow. Where do you live, David? David: I live in Canada. I’m about two hours north of Toron...
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