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Jonathan right and even to extrapolate that a little

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Unformatted text preview: ontact them on a regular basis, which makes it so much easier to market to them because they’re the ones that have decided to let you come into their lives. Jonathan: Right. And even to extrapolate that a little bit further, if you, if you need to generate traffic to your website. If you need to make money. The only effective way to do that on a continuous basis is with opt in. If you were to spam someone, which we totally don’t recommend and you’ll get in a lot of trouble, you might see a percentage response of 1/100th of a percent, or 1/300ths of a percent. When you start moving into the opt in realm, you start looking at conversion rates – I mean this is a conversion rate of 3%, 5%, 10%. Terry, I bet you’ve got some offers that have probably filled over 10%. Ron: Jonathan, before you guys get too heavy into this, let me get this other crew online here so we can all participate in this because they’re just bursting at the seams to put their two cents worth in here. Right Yanik? Yanik: Oh, yeah. Ron: Okay. You’re up next. But guys, when we get through with the introductions I want to come back and I want us to talk about what would we do? What steps would I take if I were a beginner and I want to start making money on the Internet very quickly. So I’ll give you some time to think about that, as if you need to. Yanik: Okay. I’ll give you a quick intro on me. This is Yanik Silver. And I’m probably the baby of the group here. I just started online in February, 2000. So if anyone – you know that just proves that really anyone can go at it and make a great living. I do this full time now. It’s something that makes us a lot of money. We just had – one of our sites, we have about four or five sites that are all making money for us, and just one of out sites is making about $22,000 every month right now. Ron: No kidding? Yanik: Yeah, and that’s just one of them. Ron: Okay. Yanik: So that’s – Ron: How many do you have, Yanik? Yanik: We about five, I think. Actually come out with a brand new one next week which is a perfect example of a product – it’s gonna be a fitness product. Which is something – you know, I work out but I don’t have the credentials for a fitness product, so I joint ventured with my personal trainer and it’s gonna be an example that I’ll probably share in depth at the bootcamp of exactly how you can put together an information product when you don’t have expertise in an area. Ron: Have you got a fitness product that I don’t have to break out a sweat to lose weight? Yanik: Guess what it’s called, Ron? Ron: What? Yanik: It’s called Get Fit While You Sit. Ron: I love it! I love it! I want one! I want one. I’ll give you my credit card number when we get off. Well tell me then exactly what it is you do to create revenue on the Internet. Yanik: Okay. I do a couple of things. It really boils down to selling information. I create information products and sell them online to different markets. Ron: So you’re an information marketer? Yanik: Exactly. Ron: Okay. Yanik: From anywhere fr...
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