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Jonathan what were you about 16 years old then yanik

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Unformatted text preview: weigh in? Terry: Our biggest mistake was not building our mailing list sooner. Because every time we do a mailing we’re assured of making money. Let me just say, Ron, if you build a mailing list – I think Dave said 5,000 or 10,000 – 10,000 people on a mailing list, that’s enough people to not have to work any more. Ron: Yep. Terry: That’s enough people so that every month you know you can make $5,000 or $10,000. Ron: That’s absolutely true – or more. Terry: Or more. In some cases a lot more. Ron: Yes. Yanik: I think it’s a mistake probably not starting soon enough. I was waiting to see what was going on on the Internet, if it was actually gonna blow up or not. And I realized it’s here to say. Ron: Thought it was gonna self destruct, huh. Yanik: I don’t know what it was gonna do, but I should have got on Mizel was on in ’93. Jonathan: What were you, about 16 years old then, Yanik? Ron: Okay, Ted, what’s your biggest mistake? Ted: Well, the truth of the situation in my case is we continue to make them every single day. Just recently I opened up a virus, which is three days of lost production. We run a letter before we changed the headline that multiplies response. You know, we lagged to get an affiliate program hooked up. The whole thing, from my whole thing, is I ready, fire, aim – you know, and I kind of cleaned stuff up backwards. But it works real well cause – Ron: Ted you know what caused that don’t you? Ted: What’s that? Ron: Ready, fire, ai...
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