Kinkos used to love us and now they wonder they think

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Unformatted text preview: t two years ago and everything we do is now digitally delivered. Ron: So you sell information? Jonathan: Yes. And we don’t have – we got rid of our assistants to do the shipping and the mailing and all that hard work. Kinko’s used to love us and now they wonder – they think I fell off the face of the earth. Cause everything we do is digital at this point. Ron: I always thought you had to work real hard to make money. What’s the problem here? What’s the deal here? What’s up? Jonathan: Well, it certainly takes some energy to put together a product and a project to roll out a marketing campaign. It doesn’t just fall into place. But what we do is we basically get other people to do all the work, which is the big trick and the big secret. Ron: Are you saying then, the less I do the more I make? Jonathan: In fact, the less you do, the more you make. That’s absolutely correct. Ron: I heard that’s true. Jonathan: Well there are people out there and they’re just dying to lay out your ebook for you for $50 or $100. And there’s people dying to make your web page for nothing, just for the experience. And there’s people dying to mail to their mailing list for you for a percentage of the piece of the action. Ron: You’re absolutely correct. Every piece of this equation can be done except for one, one piece you must reserve for yourself, and that’s the marketing mind to generate a revenue, and that’s the job of the boss. Jonathan: Absolutely. Ron: And that can’t be delegated. Jonathan: That’s the most important thing. Cause look, without all that other stuff, or without the marketing, all that other stuff is just irrelevant. Ron: Well let me get Ted and David on here cause I can see right now this is gonna be an interesting conversation with all this brain power here. Ted, are you still awake? Ted: We’re still awake, man. Ron: I want to know everything you know on how you make a ton of money on the Internet. Ted: Well, you know, I am really the best example of how anybody else can do it because even though I had some education on my own, I was already a “middle aged man” before I stumbled on in 1993 onto the Internet. In 1994 I did my first classified ad on the Internet and wham, I quit my job in three weeks. It’s just – the response was so much faster and there’s so much more volume than we’d ever had offline. That was how I got started, real, the down and dirty of it. Ron: You, too, are an information marketing expert and you do most of your marketing online, is that correct? Ted: By all means. 85% of all of our revenues in some way touch the Internet. Which means 15%, or possibly more, is offline generated. Ron: So you still do mailouts and such to generate revenue that don’t have anything to do with the Internet – Ted: We do. Ron: But the Internet has become your main focal point for your marketing system. Ted: Exactly. Ron: Can I just interrupt just a second – Yanik, do you do any offline marketing? Yanik: A little bit. With t...
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