Ron all right lets get down to the basic marketing

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Unformatted text preview: hat includes – Ron: So in other words, you’re telling me that once I get this website set up I got to make sure that there’s a reason for people to want to come to it and stay and come back. Jonathan: It’s a decision that you want. You got to have strong copy when you get there, you know. That’s part of building the website. Pop ups that will give them opportunities to leave their email address or actually in their face, if you will, you know, lots of people don’t like pop ups, but they’re effective. Ron: All right, let’s get down to the basic marketing principles here, guys, on or offline. If people come to your website you should offer them something free that allows them to get enough information to make a buying decision. Jonathan: Right, you should actually, Ron, you should have the offer right there on the website. Ron: That’s what I mean. Jonathan: And then you should also have a free offer. We have a pop up that comes up when people leave the site if they don’t buy. And the way we see it is, and I think everyone on this call would probably agree, there’s only three things that someone can do when they come to our site. They can either buy something. They can give us their name, or they can leave. And if they leave – Ron: Wait a minute – let me come back to that again, there’s only three things they can do. Get on, get off, or get out. Jonathan: Exactly. That’s right. Get on the list. Get off the stub and become a customer, or leave. David: This is the most critical thing mentioned today is, everyone listening to this needs to draw a big triangle on a piece of paper. That tiny tip is the vortex of the funnel. All we’re trying to do is acquire customers that break even or slightly better. And the majority of the money is made on the back end in building a lifetime value to that customer. The whole purpose of that entire site is to acquire customers at break even or slightly better. Ron: And, David, let me expand on that. The reason you want people to come to your site – oh it’s great when they buy something, but it’s better when they opt in to your e-zing so that you can continually market them with their permission. And that is how you guys build lists. David: Ron, once somebody buys, they automatically go on our list. Ron: They can’t buy without going on it, can they? David: No they can’t. Ron: Nor can they get good, valuable, free information without opting in. David: That’s exactly right. Ron: Okay, that’s called building an iron cage around them so that you trap them and you have – in other words if they want what you got, then they have to give you permission to contact them with other offers. It’s a fair trade off. David: My stats, that over the last six months, is three out of every hundred visitors buy but 33 out of every hundred join my list. Ron: Oh, say that again. David: Three out of every hundred buy, and 33 join my list. Ron: So you get – for every – you get a third of...
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