Ron i agree and guys weve talked about everything now

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Unformatted text preview: new subscriber on day 21 gets this offer and I make enough money from just that one automated offer each month to pay for a luxury condo in the city. Ron: Wow. Ted: Just one revenue stream, totally automated. Jonathan: That’s so important, you know, everybody thinks they’re gonna make a million dollars on one product, and you can – it’s just rare. Ron: I have several times. Jonathan: Yes, yes, and I’ve done it once, too. And, you know, maybe even a couple of times if I count some of the other promotions. But really, what I think a lot of people are looking for, is two or three different products that they can roll out that make $5,000 or $10,000 a month each. Ron: I agree. And guys, we’ve talked about everything now. We’ve got our website set up. And we talked a little bit about joint ventures and, unfortunately, about as much as we’re gonna get on this call. Frankly we could do three days on nothing but that. Let’s talk more about driving traffic to this site, in addition to getting others to do that for us. Jonathan: My favorite way is taking little ads and e-zing that are pertinent to my market place and then writing 500 word articles and supplying them to the hundreds of publishers out there who will run an article for you, build your credibility in your niche, and drive traffic on the back end through a Johnson box on the end of the article. Ron: What’s a Johnson box? Jonathan: That’s a fancy word for a guy 80 years ago who wrote this little – he put a box and asterisks at the front of an article. The common place now is at the end of the article. It’s called a resource box. I write a 500 word article in my niche, focused on solving problems to the readers, and then I build my credibility as an intro in that little box at the end and give my web page – Ron: Okay. So the Johnson box is nothing more than a contact box, how they can reach you to get more information. Jonathan: Yes. And I calculated in my first 90 days, I wrote 20 articles, got published in over 200 e-zings, and drove tens of thousands of visitors to my site, all free. Because so many people are publishing on the Internet they have an insatiable demand to get information out to the readership. Ron: So what you’re saying is by giving away free information, it drove a bunch of traffic back to you by letting them know how they could reach you? Jonathan: Uh huh. And there were literally thousands of publishers, or at least hundreds if you’re in a specialized niche, that are more than willing to work with you. Ron: Okay. Jonathan: That’s always the case and that’s a lot of what I built my business from. I can even tell you that there was a specific day that I was looking at my traffic counters and we just jumped through the roof and we generated over $10,000 in sales extra that day. And I could not figure what it was until I checked one of the larger e-zings and they had published one of my articles. They never even told me. I never submitted or anything. They had just come by, picked it off my website, published it, and...
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