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Ron oh i get it so you want to find out if anybody

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Unformatted text preview: ilar product out there – this is a client we had – and I said, have you done the research to find out if there’s anybody out there who is already selling a product like this. And once they did the research they realized that, at least in the traditional sense, there was no market for it. So I always say, start with the search engines and find out whether or not there’s anybody out there. Ron: Oh, I get it. So you want to find out if anybody wants this product before you go creating it. Jonathan: If you don’t have any competition, you got a lot of trouble. Ron: And which of course, we joke about that, but that’s what most people do, they go spend months creating a product only to find out nobody cares. Jonathan: And also, do the research first. Go to the GoTo. In fact, GoTo’s got a little tool. You can actually find out how many people have searched on a specific key word. And another great site to do the research is a site called JinTools.com. They’ve got a whole bunch of keyword organizers. JinTools.com. Ron: Okay. Jonathan: And this is gonna give people an idea of who the competition is out there. Now, what are they selling the products for? What do their pages look like? How does their sales process work? Ron: And how much traffic is interested in learning more about that product. Jonathan: Absolutely. Because one of the keys to getting the traffic is to not sit around and try to create it, it’s to find existing traffic streams and, just as most of my friends in the advertising industry say, stand in front of them. Ron: In other words, you want to market to a hungry crowd, as Gary Hopkins would say. Jonathan: Yes, absolutely. And I want to know that’s a crowd out there, not one or two hungry people. Ron: But, Jonathan, I got a problem. I don’t have a product. So now what do I do? Jonathan: If you don’t have a product, well – Ron: I want everybody to intervene on this one. Jonathan: Yeah, I would hope so. Terry: It’s even better when you find the market first, because then you can create the product that they want. Ron: I got a better idea, guys. It’s a whole lot easier to license products than it is to create them. Jonathan: You can license them, too. Ron: In fact, most of the people on this call right now have products that they can license for anybody listening to sell and maybe when we get to talk about our bootcamp coming up next month, we’ll certainly have a bunch of them available there. I can tell you from experience, this creating stuff is for the birds. Holy cow, is it a lot of work. I’ve created hundreds of products in my lifetime and continue to do so, and if I had to do it all over again, I would find something that’s already selling well and tap into a marketing system that’s already working and the sales pieces that are already created and just do it the easy way. Jonathan: Well, I think everyone listening who’s never created a product, should be forced to do so, so they can appreciate how simple some of the...
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