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Ron so you had a phd pizza hut delivery terry yep

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Unformatted text preview: started the market on the Internet, I was delivering pizzas. Ron: So you had a PHD – Pizza Hut Delivery? Terry: Yep, basically. And I started with only a couple of hundred dollars in my pocket they can start in marketing with. And basically over the past few years we’ve built a very large business. And that’s just (unintelligible) we did at (unintelligible) just how to generate money over the Internet and generated over $35,000 in three days. Ron: Dwell on that just a second. What exactly – I was there, and as I recall what you did was just put a product online and during the class, a threeday bootcamp. In fact at the end of this conversation, we’ll be talking about that same event that we’re gonna be doing in September again. And, man, it was the most exciting thing that I’ve ever attended when it comes to Internet marketing, because it was action. It was literally the Internet in action and, Terry, you were responsible for that. Tell us what you did. Terry: Well exactly, what really gave me the idea for it was people were always asking, saying they, people say that they know about Internet marketing or they make money online but they’ve never seen any proof. For in front of – I’m not sure how many people were there – 70 or 80 people or more, I don’t know. We basically did a short promotion online. I sent out an email that didn’t cost me anything to my online list that I built over the past couple of years, and, as I said, we sold one product. We generated over $35,000 in three days. That wasn’t the ending of how much money we generated, but that was what we generated during the three days, right in front of everybody. And let them even see the shopping cart orders come in and we kept doing updates to see where we’re at on the order status. Ron: Okay, Terry, tell us exactly what it is you do right now. Terry: Well, basically what I do is I tell people that the purpose of a website is for one thing, and that’s to generate an email address. Whenever I consult with any business, that’s always the first thing we do is the purpose of the website is to generate that email address. The reason being is the email address means money on demand. It means that you can have money, generate income, whenever you want it, just by making an offer at no cost. Ron: So really what you’re trying to say is the most important thing about marketing is the list, building a list. Because the list will make you well. Terry: That’s exactly it. You get the list, you have the income. Ron: How big would you say your list is on the Internet right now, Terry? Terry: We have just over 50,000 subscribers. Ron: 50,000 subscribers? So you’ve got 50,000 people that are waiting to hear from you on a regular interval for you to send them some valuable information and every once in a while you offer them a great deal on some product or service as well. Terry: That’s exactly it. Not only that, but to really be straight up honest about it, we make an offer almost...
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