Ron uh huh yanik and we have a couple of other e books

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Unformatted text preview: om small business owners to now Internet – people that want to get on the Internet because I just took my success story and turned it into a product and give a step by step course on how to do that. Ron: Uh huh. Yanik: And we have a couple of other e-books that we created. I know Jonathan loves this example, is we traded a bunch of e-books where we just had the compilation product where we had people submit their information – like one of them’s called Million Dollar Email. Just had people submit information to us, their best selling emails, wrapped it up as an e-book and then sold it. Ron: Well that sounds exciting. Yanik: And it was quick. Quick and easy and made us lots of money. Ron: So all of your websites – you have five different websites devoted to five different products or do they have multiple products on each website? Yanik: One of them has multiple products, but most of them are each, they each have different products on each website. Ron: Okay. So it’s just as simple as building a website, finding quality product or products to put on there. And then, of course, when we get through with the introductions we’re gonna talk about how to get a traffic to that website, which is a big key to this, to unlock this vault, isn’t it? Yanik: Right. Well, yeah, there’s a couple of keys. Ron: Well let’s come back to it when I get through this. Yanik: No problem. Ron: And then I’m gonna let you guys just dwell on it until we get it resolved once and for all. Jonathan? Jonathan: Yes, sir. Ron: I forgot – I think I asked you but I don’t think I got the answer on exactly how you profit from the Internet? Jonathan: Well, we got online back in 1993 and – Ron: You’re old. Jonathan: Yeah, I’ll tell you. And we really saw the opportunity there. We started marketing our – we had a series of mail order books and information products that we were selling. And in fact when we started it was before the web. We were advertising with America Online classifieds and sending off all the sales letters and the physical products in the mail. And then we started to digitize stuff slowly about late 1993, we started our newsletter – the online marketing letter – and we’ve just been publishing it ever since then. We do consulting. We sell information products and we do coaching and things like that. Ron: What’s your biggest revenue generator on the web? Jonathan: Biggest revenue generator and the best one for us is the products that we sell because when I wake up in the morning, we, me and my girlfriend run downstairs and see how much money we’ve made when we’re sleeping. The idea of making money when you sleep is very, very real. Ron: I kind of like it. Jonathan: The other stuff we do, coaching and stuff, we work with clients, but I would say the majority of our money comes in from the automatic selling processes that we started. Ron: Okay. And are your products information products or actual, tangible, hard products? Jonathan: We switched over from tangible products abou...
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